My First Time At The Cinema

Dear Compatriot

Welcome to the beautiful month of October..

Thank you for being here once again, I’m sure, you want to know why i haven’t been to the cinema all this while, which cinema I went to, if I went alone, the movie I saw and how i enjoyed myself…

Just follow me, closely.

This particular week in September was a very busy one for me. From, stepping out of the house everyday, paying visits, photoshoots and so on.

So, I was using style to tell my friend to reschedule but I had promised him and it’s been a while we saw.

He wasn’t going to give up, even when I told him, I would get there a bit late.

Like play, like play, I found myself at Surulere mall Cinemas. Me, cinema! #Smiles

In my mind, I know since when I have been postponing my going to a cinema. Everybody can’t be like me..

We decided to see a movie titled “funke”, my friend ask me if Funke Akindele was featured in the movie. The usual me went online to check asap, it was a no but I was going to make most of the time anyways.

The adverts plenty ehn.. Infact at that moment, I was tempted to visit the cinema weekly and I was also anxious to see funke!

It’s a beautiful movie, focused on the life of a young girl (funke) and I sure got some lessons to share.

Funke is a senior secondary school student, that loved football. As in, she is so passionate about it, she sneaks out to play and to watch it while her younger brother serves as her ally.

Her father like most Nigerian parents was adamant, he wanted her to focus solely on her academics. Funke, was taken to her strict uncle’s school in far away Ibadan just so she could forget football and face her studies. She, ended up helping her school in Ibadan win a competition, then she got featured on TV, and got a lifetime opportunity to play football big time.

Parents need to realise that God didn’t give us gifts/talents by mistake. Parents are caretakers, they should study their children, understand them and help them realize their potential.

Education is good, but balance can be achieved. Funke could have been helped to be a good student and also a great footballer. Thank God she didn’t give up on her dreams. Thanks to the Corper, her teacher who encouraged her and supported her.

This is 21st Century and we can’t be doing the same thing and expecting different results. The future of many children depends on how well their parents are willing to support them in their endeavors, not all of us will become academicians, some of us will be sports men, writers, business men/women, artists e.t.c

Probably you are in Funke shoes too, her father wanted her to become a lawyer.

But don’t give up!

Keep your dreams alive!

Nigeria needs you!

The world needs You!

I love you.

Let me know what you think about Funke’s story..

Do have a patriotic October!


What Do You Stand For?

I had a conversation with a course mate of mine on Monday 26th August 2014, which spurred this write up.

The funniest thing is that I can’t remember who exactly that person is now but I am glad you are reading this 4year old write up.

Enjoy reading..

There is a saying that

If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything

As a teenager/youth amongst your friends peers, colleagues, and even some of your casual friends should know what you stand for -your values, principles.

God, I am praying for that day and I know it’s here, when people won’t need to search a dictionary to find the meanings of words like honesty, integrity, commitment, loyalty, but they would easily explain or drive home their point(s) by mentioning my name and yours!

I remember when I connected back with a secondary friend of mine few years back and we were trying to catch up.

The last time we spoke, she asked to know if I was still dating my first boyfriend, and I replied her (No). She then asked a question which I taught was funny, she wanted to know if I was still sexually pure and I reply (Yes). The reason she asked was because we haven’t seen each other in years and I was like (I had to affirm my stand): you should know me now.. I rarely change my mind, at least not on values like “purity”.

If you are yet to have a set of values you live by, that serves as a standard to the decisions you make in life. It’s not too late! Take your time to think about it!




I have had several of this kind of conversations with people on various topics (patriotism, transparency e.t.c) even Christians.. But I’ve realised that our journey is not the same.. Some people’s strong point are other people’s weak point. But don’t rely on the way other people live their lives to govern yours, be firm.

Even if I am paid to leave this country, if it’s not in line with God’s will, why should I go?

Stand for what is right today!

Do have a fun-filled September.


A question of identity.
You can’t value what you don’t know exist or you carry.
You will only value yourself based on the (perceived) value you believe you carry.
Who are you Damilola ?
Who are you Grace?
Who are you Esther?
Who are you Joseph?
It is an insult for someone else to know you more than yourself!
Self awareness / knowledge is essential, if you want to live a fulfilled life.
For people who have discovered themselves, you still need to keep asking yourself, who am i? Because it will lead you to new discoveries about yourself. You will and should evolve and continually be the best person to consult when it comes to matters relating to you.
For people who are yet to experience self discovery, you need to ask yourself “who am i?”.
There are two categories of people here:
People who think they know themselves
People who know that they don’t know themselves
These category of people change without they themselves noticing.
When you don’t know yourself, you won’t even know when you are changing, evolving, discovering new things about yourself and when you are not.
WHAT MAKES YOU UNIQUE / STAND OUT from the remaining 7.2 billion people in the worl?
What do you know about yourself?
What can others say about you?
Are you sure the answers define the ‘real’ you?

Is a question related to your passion, gifts and talents.
If there is one thing my people close to me know about me, it is that, I love books, I love reading and I am passionate about self development and purposeful living. There are so many other things some people know and some things about me that people don’t even know at all.
When you are passionate about something, you are naturally enthusiastic about the thing, the zeal and drive is just there to do it.
So, what are you passionate about? Is it football, singing, spoken words, football, sewing, fighting corruption, ending rape, the list is endless…
A gift/talent is something that is bestowed on you. It is inborn, a natural ability or skill.
What are your talents / gifts? Creating stuffs out of nothing, writing, planning, ability to discern how to do stuffs other people learn, encouraging people e.t.c
Personally, I love encouraging people, I have personal issues I deal with too, but I can easily put mine aside to help others. It’s not normal, lol.
What do you know about yourself?
What can others say about you?
Are you sure the answers define the ‘real’ you?

Is a question related to your personal experiences and happenings in the society
Recently, I found out I am not okay hearing cases of injustice and unfair treatment, I get pissed off, I get angry. I keep asking myself, “why?”
Since, I started my NGO – Tender Hearts Foundation I have always never supported social vices, I am totally against it – cyber crime, cultism, addictions, gambling, prostitution, rape, pre marital sex activities etc.
I have come to realize that God knows why we go through whatever we go through, I didn’t understand this while growing up until I when God began to help me, and bring across my path people that have or are experiencing ‘some’ of the things I experienced. He keeps drawing people to me, because he raised me up for it.
Summary of everything is that, I hate to see people live purposeless lives…
Yours could be to help rape victims.
Yours could be to help drug / pornography/ masturbation addicts overcome it.
Yours could be to help people turn their mess into messages.
Yours could be to be a human right activist
Yours could to be to help prostitutes, see the light and forsake their former ways.
God can help you communicate this through writing, speaking, counseling, empowerment programs, trainings etc.
What do you know about yourself?
What can others say about you?

Is a question of purpose
Answering this question helps you to picture / know/ have a glimpse of your role in the kingdom, as Child of God.

I am here as a kingdom financier
I am here to preach the gospel and revive the people of Libya.
I am here to dominate in the fashion world by doing my business with integrity (these are just simple examples, it may and should be deeper than this).
If you know all the answers to the aforementioned questions and you can’t answer this, na gbege o.
The things you love to do and change in the society should be related or help you in playing your role in the Kingdom.
What do you know about yourself?
What can others say about you?
Are you sure the answers define the ‘real’ you?

Is a question of Origin.
Who do you belong to?
Who and what do you believe about your existence? – God or gods or non.
Who and what you believe determines your experience.
You can’t feature in a kingdom you can’t picture..
You can only be like your ancestors.. light produces light!
You see followers of gods becoming Traditionalist, disciples of Christ becoming Children of Light…
(Psalm 16:4a)


MATT 6:33/ LUKE 12:31-34

GREAT: very big, very good, important superior, uncommonly gifted, strong, powerful, noble, mighty

DESIRE: To want, to wish for earnestly, to require, demand, to request.
Woman: an ‘adult’ female human

Desire is not bad in itself, only when you desire things that don’t please God.
God’s utmost desire is that we please me, we do what is acceptable in His sight, we desire what He desires.
If we say we love God, we would obey His commandments.
Love is God’s nature, if we claim to be His children, we must Love like Him. (1Cor 13:1-13)
Everything we do must be driven by LOVE/God (1John 4:8)
We must desire, more of God, more of His Power, more of His Presence, we must desire to be like Him. It is only then that we can be empowered to do greater works.
When we thirsts, we go in search of water, it is only when we thirst and desire for more of God, that we are filled.

Godly/Acceptable Desire
Request, wants that pleases God e.g. JESUS (Matt 26: 30)`
Human/Selfish Desire
Wants, cravings, requests that doesn’t glorify God e.g. David (2Sam11:2-5,14;12:13.

What is a kingdom?
A kingdom is a king’s domain – “MAIN/MAJOR”
There’s no king without a kingdom
A king rules over the affairs of a Kingdom – the King of Kings! (Rev 19:6)

“we are heirs of that Father,
We are joints heirs with the son,
We are children of the kingdom
We are family
We are one”

Every born again child belongs to His kingdom
The Kingdom of God (Acts 17:28)

OUR GREATESET DESIRE should be that ‘HIS KINGDOM COME..’(Matt 6:10 / Luke 11:2b)
The kingdom of God is righteousness, joy and peace in the Holy Ghost (Rom 14:7)
Blessed are they which do HUNGER and THIRST after RIGHTEOUS for they shall be filled Matt 5:6
In the kingdom of God, only God’s will is done. “LET YOUR WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN” (MATT 6:10)
Everything in Heaven pleases God, and that’s how it is meant to be on earth.
We are to desire to do His will, or else we are not of His kingdom o. (Rom 8:14) so, if God is not the one leading you, then something or someone else is leading your life.
And in the kingdom of God, we can’t do anything worthwhile on our own, except we are helped by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will.
The Holy spirit is the Spirit of God (ROM 8:9)
This is what happens when the spirit of God empowers you, it should be evident that ‘The kingdom of God “has come’ to people around you. (Luke 11:20)

What do you desire?
Your greatest desire should be to:
CONTINUALLY thirst for righteousness.
Desire to be transformed (Rom 12:2)
Ensure that our lives encourage other people to be part of God’s kingdom, not the opposite. (Luke 11:52)
TO SEEK him (Matt 6:33)
TO KNOW Him (1Cor 2:2, Phil 3:10)
TO BE LIKE Him (Gen 1:26a, John 3:2)

You are a representative of God the Kingdom, what you do and don’t do affects the kingdom, so we to play our role in the kingdom:
Have you discovered your role in the kingdom?
You can’t fully become what you don’t know?
Discover why you are here and be willing to do everything you rare led to do by the Holy spirit to fulfill your purpose here on earth!

Be like Jesus.
Be and Make the Difference

Here is My PVC Story.

After months of registering for the National Identity Card and being told it’s not ready, I wasn’t so passionate about getting a PVC.

Yet, I still went ahead to make enquiries about where I could get the PVC done. At Ikorodu, I was told it’s the same struggle as that of the National I.D. aargh!

All this happened while I was still serving, the only day I am a bit free is on CDS days and atimes I get to teach on those days #NoTime. Body no be fired wood jare.

Then I was left with not choice than to zero my mind to do when I get back home after service.

I consulted google so I could find out the closest location to my house and mehn…. I couldn’t believe my eyes.
The Inec office is like 1hr 30mins – 2 hours journey from my house, Transportation nko, I will eat too o #AreYouKiddingMe

One my friends then told me to go to Ogudu LG, but Ogudu is in Lagos, I reside in Ogun State. It can’t work, if I intend to vote at home.

So, when I finally got home, I told my mum, about the closest location… She was like “Owode” Kilode? (Why Owode?)

We discussed it at home frequently, hoping that a closer office or annex will spring up, because as at the last elections there was a point of registration in my ward here.

So one day, someone or better put a voluntary organization volunteered to take us to the inec office at “Owode” very early

While in the bus, i kept myself occupied by reading Olayode Juliana’s REBIRTH (it’s a must read for every home).

And my eyes saw plenty things when we got there!

To be continued… 😀

Part II of my PVC story

While in the bus going..
My eyes were glued to the wonderful book, I was reading (check former post for the book title).

When we got there around 7am, we meet some people on ground and the officials too (you know, I later heard the Inec officials rarely resume that early)

There was no sign post of any sort to indicate there was an Inec office there, the building looked like a residential house sef, but it’s meant for Inec official matters, I guess.

They had lists of groups of people form surrounding towns. So we submitted our lists too and we were given numbers… Ending around 50 something.

So they started by calling first 5 people, then the first 20. In my sane mind, I was already thinking, we should leave there early, if they are fast!

My mind and body wasn’t fully prepared for what I experienced. While we were waiting for out turn. Other people in trouped in priavte cars, then came the MFM and Redeem in large numbers #TodayNaToday

Thinking, the Inec officials will continue from where the number stopped. 😂😂😂
We saw the church people coming forward to start form a queue.

The drama that ensued wasn’t from here. This around 9-10am. The officials Sha Said they can’t keep them waiting, so the numbering was useless, they will call In people from each line.
People shouted but we no get choice. Sha let us do and go.

Then.. when it was time to go in.. The officials arranged in such a way that they could easily access the doors (they have been in this business na, me I didn’t pay cognisance until we were blocked from entering) and that’s how many of them went in ahead of us.

All the while we were hanging around waiting for our turn, the officials were smuggling in the private car owners #laughing
We just saw them inside! #Gbam

The annoying part is that there’s not order, they started by giving us numbers, then they said we should form queues, later again they said numbers, and then again queues, back and forth. I was angry!!!! The system is (lips sealed, you already know)

Several times, some of the workers were just chilling, because everywhere was in disorder, the people were just beyond control, everyone wanted to enter, anyhow, anyhow; so the officials wouldn’t allow anybody in.

The high point was when I finally got myself inside, by staying on the queue. One of the officials had to tell another, “why did you allow them enter, let them go back inside, why didn’t you ask so so and so how you were supposed to do it” At that point I was boiling. #WhatRubbish

They explained to themselves and allowed us stay but said they will be using numbers when next people are to coming in. #Chai e

Let me Sha do my own and go #i can’t come and faint Biko. When we got in, there were people who didn’t fill the form we filled, registering for PVC.

The man that attended to me, was nice. He wasn’t part of those that came outside.
So, I had to wait for the Temporary Voter’s Card to be ready….

After i collected, I had to wait for others that we went together who were still struggling to get in.

The drama that happened is beyond what I can describe here.

But like one man said, they are making t hard for us to the PVC, without it they know you can’t vote and that’s were rigging starts from. It is a strategy.

We must be more strategic,
we must not be discouraged,
We must do what is needful.

Get your PVC – Permanent Voters Card
Don’t be a lazy Nigerian #wink

Thank you for reading 😘😘


PROV 1:10 “My son if sinners entice you, consent thou not” (HCSB)

Prov 22: 6 “TEACH a YOUTH in the way that he should and when he is old, he will not depart from it”

PARENTS/GUARDIAN: We are caretakers, God is the real parent. We should go to him whenever we have issues with our children. We must ensure that the daily needs of our children are met and for any reason we cannot, let your children know why and they will not allow sinners to entice them, if they have been taught well. You must never compare them to another person or child, deal with your children individually.

TEENAGER: is still a child, an individual between the ages 0f 13- 19. We should take every stage our children’s life seriously and even this phase more seriously. A teenager is very curious and adventurous so they need to be handled with wisdom. They are likely to experience: abuse, low self esteem, pornography, bullying, neglect, academic issues, peer pressure, puberty/menstruation, exposure to social vices such as drug abuse, cyber crime and will be looking for ”acceptance” e.t.c.

RELATIONSHIP: a connection or association.
what kind of relationship do you have with your teenager?
Is it a strained one or a smooth one?
YOU are the determinant of the success of the relationship.
The scriptures admonishes us to “teach”

TAKE RESPONSIBILITY: When we as acting parents fail to teach our teenagers, the world – their friends, what they read, watch and listen to on TV – will teach them.
Many parents have failed to perform that role of teaching, that’s why the nations is failing at large, because the family is the bedrock of any society. The school, church and other socializing agents are meant to help, we should never put on the absolute responsibility to raise our teenagers.

BE A ROLE MODEL: We can’t teach our teenagers what we ourselves don’t live by and expect them to follow it. Because they are eager to learn, we have to be available (quality time) for them, know what they are consuming, because it is whatever they feed on, GROWS!
People will rather do what you do, than do what you say. Let us model Christ to them, in the best way that we can. If we are willing, the Holy Spirit will enable us.

FAMILY VALUES: Everything rises and falls on Values, if you place other things first in your home rather than God, they will do the same. As a family, have a value system.

TEACH THEM THE WAY TO GO: Teach them about God, life, finances, good and bad, relationships, academics… so that they can make sound decisions for themselvsses whenever they have to.

DO NOT LET THEM LACK : Provide for their basic needs,
KNOW THEM: Be vigilant and observant, know your teenagers. D

on’t allow one brother to attract them to himself with mundane things.


BE THEIR FRIEND: Know their friends. Have listening ears

HELP THEM: with assignments, be there for them, celebrate them!

NEVER EVER COMPARE: them to their other siblings or other people.
Support their dreams. I love people who believe in me.


Prayer points:
I am a caretaker, give me grace to perform my responsibilities as a parent.
Father, help me to teach and raise my children according to your standard.
Father, do not let me fail at anything, including parenting.
Help me to fulfill to purpose fulfill, help me to live a life worthy of emulation
Holy Spirit, help my children to fulfill destiny, protect and guide them each new days


…..Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. Psalm 90:12

Birthdays are for celebration, so on this special day and month you were born, I celebrate with you!

On her 18th Birthday Celebration

This is the official age when we stop referring to you as a child, you are now an adult, yeah.. but don’t let head your swell o.

This is the time when you need to put your acts together, many young girls like you have marred their future because of lack of understanding of what adulthood really is all about and the fact that some of you will enter adulthood with some childhood behaviors and mindsets.

Adulthood is responsibility!

You become responsible for yourself, and for other people, and even to your environment, community and country at large.

This is my sincere advice to you, not just because I am your big sis, but because I love you and want the best for you.
A life outside God is a meaningless life, there’s a void that only Him can fill, allow him to guide you by submitting to His Lordship. Put HIM first, make for him first, fix your eyes on Jesus.

Discover yourself, Go to God, ask people around you, search within yourself. There is something in you that the world needs! Discover your gifts and talents and maximize them to fulfill your God ordained purpose.

Know thyself. Your strengths, temperament, weakness, abilities, principles, likes, dislikes etc. Personally, I think it is an insult for someone else to know and understand you more than you do.

Have a set of positive values you live by, values add value to everything. It makes decision making very easy and also serves as principles that guides your life.

Study the word, like your life depends on it because it truly does. Your life cannot be better than the quality of information and knowledge you are exposed to. The secrets to a better life is embedded in the Scriptures. God’s plan for you is his book.

Serve God, serve the people around you, serve your nation – leadership is service.

Work on your Character, it’s okay to be beautiful physically but the MIND IS THE POWER HOUSE. People can be attracted to you based on your beauty but it is character that will determine the continuity of the relationship.

Build healthy Relationships. You become the average of five people you spend most of your time with. You will always need people and people will draw their conclusion about you based on the people they see with You! Surround yourself with people that inspire to become a better version of yourself.

Be positive, all the time. What you think is what you become. Life is full of ups and down, but never succumb to life’s challenges. Speak positive words all the time, it begins with thinking positive thoughts. Your confession will become your possession.

Omolade and opepurpose during Opepurpose’s Convocation

Never judge your future based on your present conditions. God is more than able to fulfill what he has said concerning you, just believe the word, receive the word and you will become it. Put your Trust in God, because men will fail you.
Be an addicted learner. Read, think, plan and do. Leaders are readers. If the richest man in the world still reads 50 books in a year, then you don’t have any excuse. Just start! You can do a book a month, 2 in a month, 1 book per week. Just ensure you are learning something new. The more you learn, the more you earn.

Develop your gifts and Talents. You cannot afford to waste. It was John C. Maxwell who said that “practice doesn’t make perfect, it also makes permanent”. Don’t settle for less, decide to become the very best in your company, field or industry. Talent is Never Enough!

Set goals, know your priorities, focus! When you don’t know where you are going, you will end up nowhere, but if you know where you are going, it’s easier and you can get there faster. Success in life is never accidental, it is planned.

Volunteer – meet people, develop new skills and hone the ones you have already, and gain experience.

Be a Giver not just a receiver. Whatever you sow, you will reap in due season. Give bountiful, sow joyfully. It is more blessed to give than to receive.

Value time and make the most of it. Time lost can never be regained. Time is Life! the summary of how you lived your life is the summary of how you lived your life.

Not matter the height you attain in life, Stay Humble.

Always give your best shot!

Live a life of excellence, never settle for anything less than the BEST!

Opepurpose and Omolade during Omolade’s Matriculation

You know, It’s not like I am already there too, but it’s a certainty for me that I definitely will get there.

Your loving sis… Pey! Coded! Purpose!

Keep Shining!


Three Powerful Lessons I learnt in 2017

Compliments of the season people, it’s being a while here…

Thank God we’re still alive to witness these last few days in 2017, so I would be sharing threw hard knock lessons I learnt this year. Enjoy the ride. 

Lesson 1: Money Spoils Friendship

It all started in July when I received a call from a friend, who needed financial help to implement a Project. His sponsors were going to donate late, so he needed something to work with, #30,000 to be precised.

I was aware of this project, so I really wanted him to make it happen. So I volunteered to help him, I sent him the money, which he promised to refund in a few days. That’s sounds cool right.

The conference he planned was cancelled, very sad. So, he promised he would get a job and Sha refund my money. But the truth of the matter is I am yet to get the money back, 5 months after. I have helped him with little cash in the past, which he paid back oh. #SeeMyLife 

When I finally had the courage to inform an older friend of ours about the isssue, he said “Don’t you know that money spoils friendship” 😂😂😂 

I learnt the hard way, it won’t stop me form helping people though, but I have recieved grace to think well before taking decisions on money matters, and to only give what I can afford. 

It’s good to give, givers never lack, God loves cheerful givers, the givers hand is always ontop. But give with Understanding.

The funniest part, 😀 the money I lent him wasn’t mine. I had to explain to the owner, and till this minute I am still Explaining because my friend just keep posting me. 

Lesson 2: Emergency Situations doesn’t necessarily demand immediate decision making.

Myself Speaking during World Smiles Day

In October, I was privileged to travel to Osun state. I was invited to speak at an event put together by Smiles Global Foundation in Celebration of World Smiles Day 2017. I left late in the evening a day before the main day, so I couldn’t get a striaght bus, but the driver offered to drop me where I could get a bus going to ife, by the time we got to the anticipated but stops, it was dark and the place was lonely, me I didn’t alight oh. #iLoveMyLife

To cut the story short, by the time I alighted, I was close to Ogbomosho, far from ife, I was there for an hour before I realised I was Stranded, as there was no asurrance that I would get a bus.

Lobatan is my case 😂😂.

Then my friend (my host) and my parents started calling, I lost my calm, I couldn’t even think straight again! 

I was mad at myself for allowing the driver convince me to board the bus in the first place 😓.

What do you think I did? 

Your guess is as good as mine.

One of the indigenes of that community offered to allow me sleep over at his place till morning, of course I was scared, man wey I no know from Adam, what if I get hurt overnight.

So, I had to make a Choice, to stay by the road side till whenever or go with the man to his house, or sleep over at a hotel, but the one close by was too expensive. I choose the second. 

I am not sure I slept till day break, Kai… alot of thoughts was running through my mind. This experience I am sharing with you, i told just one person that night. Before my parents will go and develop hypertension,I want them to live long…..

Fast forward to the next morning, after I left the good Samaritan’s house (did I tell you he made adavances to me, I was bold enough to say no but I was shivering inside my mind), while conversing with the okada rider that took me back to where I would get a bus going to Ife, he said something that never crossed my mind at all the night before. 

What was that? 

I could easily have located a nearby church having a vigil and pass the night there


Just imagine alot of things that could have happened to me that night, but God kept Me.

Lesson 3: In Church doesn’t equal In Christ

 I am sure some of us are Familiar with the phrase above but I am glad I had this experience Sha, it was to prepare me ahead, and also so that others could learn from my story. 

This happened Dec/Jan 2017. When I got to TBS for The Experience 2016, my friend had to go and work (cover the event) so I had to go and get a sit all by myself, in the process I walked into a male friend, I was so glad ehn, at last I saw someone I knew  very well. So, I sat with him all through the program, this was Someone that I liked and he had also made it known that he was interested in me. So asides worshipping God that Night, he asked me out, he felt our meeting at The Experience was a sign that God wants us to be. I didn’t totally agree with that though, but I felt he could be right. After much persuasion, I agreed to start a relationship with him and we discussed at length. I went to The Experience Single but I left in a relationship. 

Guess what, few weeks down the line, I realised that sign he thought was from God was a mere coincidence😷.  

This guy I so much respected didn’t share the same values with me (this part I don’t joke with), then I found out our blood group/genotype wasn’t compatible. 

That Aha moment.

This uncle claims he Is a Christian, at least I believed he was one until I got close, he prays, he speaks in tongues well well, he is caring et al but he was denying God’s power.

May you eyes be opened, may you recieve grace not to enter and to leave every relationship that is not God’s will for you!

So I learnt, that the fact that you met the person in church, doesn’t mean they are fully In Christ, it’s not also a go – ahead sign, there are alot of people in church that God is still working on. Everyone is on a different level o, that only they themselves and God can discern.
Not every that is in church is growing at the pace they should, some people are still babies, may we never remain at that level.

More importantly in 2017, I understood and enjoyed the faithfulness of God. God is ever faithful, if you learn to Trust Him, even when you can’t Track Him.

I believed you enjoyed reading.

I love you and I believe in you.

Have an amazing 2018!

What Made September Special.

September was a very unique month. 

For me, I was just resuming my Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) as a Corper. A private secondary school where will be working for the next 7 months.

Adapting to the new environment was nothing much to worry about, as I am an indoor person, but then one of the other Corpers here ensured that we strolled out regularly when we first got here.

I didn’t know what awaits me, when school resumed, I was given 3 cool subjects to teach, Social Studies, Civic Education and Government, this means I have contact with every student from Jss 1-Ss 3.

I didn’t bargain for this o, and even till now I don’t know where the strength is coming from. Apart from teaching, the bad roads, the lack of electricity, writing 12 lesson notes each week, teaching 12 classes each week, setting exam questions, having to counsel and teach students at the same time, knowing when to be disciplined and when to be friendly with the students, coping with the school teachers and rules, cooking daily as u barely eat out, having to share my room with another person who suddenly showed up (mehn, I love my privacy) these are just part of the sturvs I had to deal with.

Flash back to August, when Femi Tiamiyu Shared a broadcast about an online leadership and personal development platform “Inspire30” I delayed a few days before responding that I wanted to be a participant, as if I knew, somethings inside me was asking me “OpePurpose, are you sure you can put up with whatever is required of you for this 30days?”

Inspire30 Community

Discussions commenced on the platform on the first day of September and few days down the line, I knew I had to brace up! I had to be awake by 4:45am for morning class and 9pm for evening class. 

I WAS STRETCHED! Like never before.

There were days I was tired, there were days when they was power outage and I miss classes, “I will be here wondering, what’s happening on the group right now, I am missing oh”

And most times when light is restored, I had to read up messages, something up to 300-500 messages depending on how I stayed offline.

We connected, we shared ideas, we worked in groups, we laughed, we were chastised in love and Even at the end of the 30days I had the privilege of receiving a personal feedback of how well I performed during the 30days.

But the highlight of it all, was that along the line during this 30days was when I resumed work and I had to learn new things about teaching, deliver well during the day and still keep up with classes online.

 I learnt that hard work really pays, I learnt to be disciplined and yet show love.

I was inspired to tap more into my creative ability, dream big, lead by example, be principled, work hard and keep value adding and positive associations. 

In this same month, I organized a 3days online webinar  with the theme “Getting It Right” where we had speakers, including myself talk to youths on Excellence, Purpose and personal development. 

Earlier this year I told myself I wanted to give this year, in this month called September I spent and I was being spent. You know when you close eyes and do stuffs, because it’s good to do good not because it was comfortable for me like that and I haven’t regretted it. #Give #YourTime #YourMoney #YourResources 

There’s alot to share but I hope you enjoyed reading and picked some things that can help you personally too.

Remember, Hard work doesn’t kill.

Have a Favourable week.

Opepurpose Cares.